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'Game of Thrones' just dropped an absolutely massive bombshell from the unlikeliest source


'Game of Thrones' just dropped an absolutely massive bombshell from the unlikeliest source
14 August 2017

OK, first, can we all agree that this week’s episode of Game of Thrones felt like a whole season crammed into an hour?

We jumped around so much and tried to squeeze so much in that the episode felt a little cramped, and some scenes didn’t get all that much time to breathe, but with just eight episodes left of the whole damn show (fuck), that’s the nature of the beast these days.

We paid a brief visit to Sam and Gilly (and little Sam too), where we spent what were beginning to feel like wasted minutes listen to Gilly read boring nonsense from an old book by a man who liked to count his shits – until she suddenly dropped ONE OF THE BIGGEST BOMBSHELLS IN GAME OF THRONES HISTORY.

As she was flicking through the pages, she read out: "Says here [the high septon] anulled a marriage from Prince ‘Ragger’ [Rhaegar], and married him in secret, to another woman, in Dorne.”

And then, AND THEN, Sam cut her off – stopping her from finishing her sentence and revealing something massive that he would have 100% cared about, because he was in a mood and wanted to leave.

However, while Sam may not have got to hear this nugget of gold, what Gilly did reveal was enough for us fans, because what she has confirmed is that Rhaegar Targaryen, Jon Snow’s real father, annulled his marriage to Elia Martell and secretly married another woman – who we can (let’s be honest here) be 100% sure is Lyanna Stark – Ned’s sister and Jon’s real mum. 

If you were in doubt, the fact that Gilly says “in Dorne” basically confirms it, since that’s the location of the Tower of Joy – aka where Bran discovered last season that Jon was born.

What that means is that not only is Jon a Targaryen – we knew that already – but that he is a trueborn one, i.e. JON SNOW IS NOW A BASTARD. HE IS A FULL-ON TARG AND IS THE RIGHTFUL HEIR TO THE IRON THRONE.

As a trueborn, Jon now actually has a greater claim to the throne than Daenerys, since as the son of the Mad King’s eldest son, he is higher up in line than one of his daughters, because sexism is rife in the monarchy.

"Just thinkin' bout being a bastard" - BUT JON, YOU'RE NOT

This is huge. This is massive. And it throws up a lot of questions – what does it mean for Jon and Dany’s future? Are they still going to get it on? Were they ever going to get it on? You saw the look in Dany’s eyes when Jon left for Eastwatch, of course there were going to get it on. How will Dany react to the fact she is no longer the rightful Queen? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

I apologise for the frankly silly amount of capital letters in this story, but this is just quite exciting, isn’t it? Lowly bastard Jon Snow, the rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Love it.

And of course, if that wasn’t enough hype for you, there was also the scene where Drogon let Jon give him a lil’ pat on the head. Drogon knows what’s up. He feels that Targaryen blood in there, and hey, if Jon and Daenerys do marry, I guess that’d make Jon Drogon’s dad? Weird.

Anyway, looking forward to Jon getting stabbed through the heart by a wight in the next episode, none of this coming true and him never finding literally any of it out. Cool.

Sadly, this is Game of Thrones, so I’m only 95% joking.

(Images: HBO)