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Another ‘Game of Thrones’ actor has dropped a big hint about his character’s fate

Ser Jorah actor Iain Glen has spoken

Another ‘Game of Thrones’ actor has dropped a big hint about his character’s fate
Tom Victor
04 October 2018

More than two years have passed since the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones was officially announced, and we’re still several months away from seeing it on our TV screens.

Of course, the longer the wait, the greater the temptation to fill the gap with wild speculation about the fates of some of the characters in the HBO show.

By this point we’ve debated everyone from you-know-who to the questionable fate of our favourite GOT pets. But as each day goes by more and more information seems to bubble to the surface, contradicting some theories, confirming others.

This latest interview with one Game of Thrones regular will only serve to whip up even more speculation.

Scottish actor Iain Glen, who plays Ser Jorah, opened up about his character’s fate in an interview with the Daily Express.

The character has featured in all seven seasons of the show, and last appeared in season seven finale ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’.

Speaking in the interview Glen first said: “I am one of the lucky ones who made it through!” which will obviously be interpreted differently by different people.

So what could it tell us? Well, on it’s own, not that much in terms of plot but it does suggest that Ser Jorah may be left standing at the end of the final episode, though other, more sceptical fans might see it as confirmation of nothing more than the character’s presence at the start of season eight.

What makes this more compelling is what he goes on to say next.

Game of Thrones will stick with us all forever and we were very lucky to have been a part of the show,” Glen added.

“The final scripts are really special. [They] read like the six best scripts.”

The final scripts. OK, so we might be losing our minds here but a show shrouded in as much secrecy as Game of Thrones is probably not handing out scripts willy-nilly, if Glen has read the final six scripts of the show it’s more than likely that he’s involved in them. Does this mean he survives the whole thing? No. But it is likely he’ll be kicking around to go out in a big ol’ (dragon) blaze of glory in the final episode. 

A lot of characters have been killed off in Game of Thrones’ first seven seasons, and we mean a lot and the red herrings have been scattered around constantly over the years so maybe this is no different, but then maybe it’s not. Maybe Ser Jorah rises to the occasion and takes the throne in an unprecedented super-twist.

One character we at least do know survives until the final episode is Jamie Lannister, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. His prescence was confirmed way back at the beginning of September thanks to leaked court documents focused on an ongoing lawsuit against his former manager Jill Littman. The papers which were reported by Harpers Bazaar revealed not only how much the star earns per episode ($1,066,667, incase you’re wondering…), but also how many episodes he’ll feature in during the final season (all six!). 

Either way, we’ll have to wait to learn whether Ser Jorah’s name will be added to the list, or whether “made it through” really means made it through to the bitter end.

(Images: HBO/Getty)