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Next week's 'Game of Thones' teaser hints at a reunion we've wanted for years

Tears are coming

Next week's 'Game of Thones' teaser hints at a reunion we've wanted for years

Have you recovered yet? 

Game of Thrones is back, and it kicked off with a real bang, as its cold open saw Arya don the shrivelled face of of Walder Frey and poison every last one of his men, before telling his shellshocked wife: “If anyone asks what happened here, tell them the North remembers. Tell them winter came for House Frey.”

It was a pretty banging episode in general, particularly for a season opener – we were treated to some brilliant scenes between Jon and Sansa up at Winterfell, The Hound was grouchily cracking jokes left, right and centre, Daenerys has finally landed in Westeros and, most importantly, how great was Sam’s poop ‘n’ soup montage?

If you want a proper breakdown of the episode, we’ve got one for you here, including everything from theories to tiny details you might have missed, but if you prefer to look forward, HBO have released a 15-second teaser trailer – and it gives us plenty to talk about.

There’s one snippet that really stands out, though, and it teases a reunion we’ve wanted since way back in Season 1 – Arya and her direwolf Nymeria!

Nymeria is back!

That’s right, after Arya was forced to send her away to spare her life way back in Episode 2, Nymeria is back! And from that trailer, it looks almost certain that the pair are set to meet again!

We predicted that this might be the big reunion scene Arya got this season, and while we can’t wait to (hopefully) one day see her reunited with Jon, Sansa and Bran, this one feels equally as satisfying – I just hope Nymeria recognises her.

In the books, Nymeria is believed to be leading a huge wolf pack in the Riverlands, which is exactly where Arya is right now – maybe the youngest Stark girl is about to get her very own army of wolves, which is mildly terrifying – she’s dangerous enough on her own.

What else can we expect from Episode 2 – titled ‘Stormborn’ – well, here’s the synopsis: "Daenerys receives an unexpected visitor. Jon faces a revolt. Tyrion plans the conquest of Westeros."

Applying the teaser to that, it looks like Dany’s unexpected visitor could be Ellaria Sand – we see a brief moment of her and Yara kissing.

Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand share a kiss

We’re also treated to two glimpses of Jon. In the first, Lord Glover is telling him “a Targaryen cannot be trusted” – presumably Jon has received Sam’s raven and wants to ally with Dany so that they can mine dragonglass at Dragonstone – and the second is a flash of Jon choking Littlefinger down in the crypt at Winterfell (anyone choking Littlefinger is fine in our book).

Jon faces a revolt
Always satisfying to see

The rest of the teaser is made up of shots of Daenerys and Cersei surrounded by their respective teams, planning their next moves.

Dany and her team plan their attack
Cersei gathers her allies

After more than a year of waiting for Season 7 to kick off, we’re now back to twiddling out thumbs again. At this this time, it’s only for six days. 

Monday Is Coming.