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G-Shock's Awesome RAF Watch

G-Shock's Awesome RAF Watch

G-Shock's Awesome RAF Watch
Danielle de Wolfe
18 September 2014

Chocks away! G-Shock Premium have launched the GPW-1000RAF GPS Aviator in collaboration with the Royal Air Force – making this the ultimate pilot's watch.

The design is intended to reflect the durability and functionality of the iconic Chinook helicopter (you know, the noisy ones with the dual rotors). An in-built Hybrid GPS/Radio Wave Ceptor function picks up signals from atomic transmitters or GPS satellites in order to deliver a super-accurate reading, straight to your wrist.

It’s also got a red embossed ‘Z’ on one side which all your friends will demand they be allowed to press. Given this watch’s advanced aviation skills, you’d be forgiven for expecting it to fire sidewinder missiles or be an ejector seat for awkward social situations. But while it doesn’t do either of those things (probably for the best, let’s be honest), the ‘Z’ button does activate Zulu time, an international aviation standard with a really cool name.

The GPW-1000RAF comes with scratch resistant glass, LED-lit high visibility luminescent coated numbers and carbon hands that can take up to 12 Gs. Robust, tough, heroic: it's the Ted Striker of watches.