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G-Shock ready for any trip

New watch designed to survive the desert

G-Shock ready for any trip
16 October 2011

If necessity really is the mother of invention, pity the poor man who concluded that the G-Shock Premium G-9300 Mudman was required.

Lost in the desert with no landmarks to guide you in the right direction? Not a problem — the watch can get a compass bearing and confirm your orientation so you don’t end up walking hundreds of miles in the wrong direction.

It can also show you the dramatic temperature extremes between night and day, along with the phases of the moon so you’ll know how much light you’ll have, while specific construction methods — including resin-covered buttons — will repel dust and mud.

The buried watch in the picture should still be as functional as one straight out of the box. Although, if you’re going to fork out £175, you should probably insist on a clean one.