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Finding those hidden Netflix codes just became much easier

This could be a game-changer

Finding those hidden Netflix codes just became much easier
Danielle de Wolfe
08 February 2017

There’s so much to watch on Netflix that it’s often difficult to know where to start.

So you either end up watching the first half-decent thing you come to, or you spend all night scrolling through the standard categories like Drama, Comedy and Horror.

But if you’re experiencing a hankering for a very specific type of program, then help is at hand – and it’s never been easier.

We wrote in January about the fact that you could now access a whole host of sub-genres, just by changing the final four digits on the URL at the following address: There’s a list of them here, with a further extended list (if, for example, you’re after ‘Action & Adventure based on a book from the 1970s (2410)’ here.

However, if scrolling through that list and typing the numbers in is simply too much effort (and we’re not judging, you don’t put Netflix on to do work, do you?), then you can now download a Google Chrome extension which will make the whole process smoother.

You can head here to download Netflix Categories which, once installed, adds a plugin icon to your browser, enabling you to search Netflix’s huge catalogue for something very niche.

There are currently 100 categories to choose from, with more to come. Of course, these subgenres will only work if you’re viewing on a browser, than than via your Playstation for example, but once you’ve found your selection online, you can always change devices to watch it.

We’re off to find a Critically-acclaimed Goofy Slapstick Comedy, see you in a bit.