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You can get a free copy of FIFA 18 - but only if you have the right name

Are you one of the lucky ones?

You can get a free copy of FIFA 18 - but only if you have the right name

There are plenty of hidden costs when it comes to a new edition of FIFA, so anything that can save you a bit of cash is a bonus.

First off, you have the game itself, but then there’s the in-game purchases on top of that - that Ultimate Team isn’t going to build itself.

You’ll probably need to set aside some funds for beer and pizza whenever you’ve got friends round for a FIFA night, and that stacks up over the course of a year.

And then there’s the extra few quid for a new controller, after you’ve smashed yours against the wall when your opponent beats you 1-0 with their only shot of the game in the 93rd minute.

So the news that some of you will be able to get your hands on a free copy of FIFA 18 - complete with the latest in a long line of great soundtracks - couldn’t have come at a better time.

Ronaldo, thinking about conceding a ‘fucking bullshit’$2 93rd minute winner

The secret, it turns out, is sharing your name with one of the game’s principal characters. No, we’re not talking about Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, or any of the rest of the top 10 footballers in the world.

In the 2017 edition of the game, FIFA creators EA Sports introduced ‘The Journey’, a story mode following the rise of a fictional young footballer called Alex Hunter.

If you happen to be a real person who shares his name, you’re likely to have had a rather strange 12 months – especially if you’re already into football-based video games.

But now it’s really about to start paying off, with all Alex Hunters entitled to a free copy of FIFA 18 in GAME stores as their fictional namesake begins his second season.

Real life or FIFA screenshot?

Anyone named Alex Hunter, Alexander Hunter, Alexandra Hunter or what GAME describes as ‘reasonable variants of the name’ can get their hands on their free copy by proving they are who they say they are.

They’re invited to email with their full name, address, and a scanned copy of their ID (passport, driving licence or birth certificate). Once they’ve done that, they’ll be directed to their nearest branch of the store to pick up their free copy.

If you’re considering changing your name by deed poll to get in on the deal, it probably won’t be worth it: the promotion runs from 29 September 29 until 1 October, so be quick.

(Images: EA Sports)