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The first trailer for the new series of 'Doctor Who' is here - can you cope with the Doctor being a woman?


The first trailer for the new series of 'Doctor Who' is here - can you cope with the Doctor being a woman?
16 July 2018

There’s a new Doctor Who, didn’t you know? So you should get all excited and everything - you should stand up and shout something. Something like “There’s a new Doctor Who!” or “Oh my God! There’s a new Doctor Who, I am feeling compelled to shout!” It’s all very exciting, so very, very exciting - and hopefully that minority who absolutely couldn’t comprehend that it might not be beyond the realms of possibility for a woman to play a time-travelling, regularly-entirely-bodily-regenerating fictional character - have finally got over themselves. 

But so far, we’ve only had, like, pictures and stuff. And if this life has taught you anything, it’s that pictures are bad and terrible, and videos are much better. Videos are better because they are made of loads of pictures. Quantity, and quality.

Anyway, here’s the first video - not picture - of the new Doctor Who in action (by “action”, I mean “walking and doing a smile”):

That’s some people, there, looking at stuff and having some sort of magic swirl make them go slow-motion for a bit, and then a woman in a bad coat walking in in big old nerd boots, and then WHAT! it’s Jodie Whittaker, the new Doctor Who. Also spotted:

1. A dippy egg
2. Bradley Walsh thinking about his next album
3. A Beano from the past
4. A takeaway pizza that I would have been bitterly disappointed in, had I ordered it
5. A man dropping his beans like a right plank
6. Various food items in batter getting looking at by Bradley Walsh - fair enough, I also like to look at battered things
7. Related: Jesus am I hungry

Series 11 of the show will air later this year, and consist of ten episodes. Alongside Whittaker as The Doctor, it’ll also star Tosin Cole (aka The Bean-Dropper), Mandip Gill (aka The Atrocious Pizza-Haver) and Bradley “I WILL EAT ANYTHING IN BATTER” Walsh from The Chase.

Exciting! For fans of Doctor Who anyway!

(Image: YouTube)