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Quiz: Is it lunchtime yet?


Quiz: Is it lunchtime yet?
22 March 2018

The question is: is it lunchtime yet? You’ve been thinking it all day, but you’re worried that darting out at 11 for a wrap might be deemed a little hasty, a little beserk, by your work colleagues. So what do you do? And who decides? When, for the love of all that is encased within a pitta, are you allowed to have lunch?

Well, this quiz will help you reach the answer. Simply respond to each question - specifically tailored to deduce whether or not it’s lunchtime yet - and the end result will helpfully inform you of your next move. If it is lunchtime, then you can go and eat something, if it isn’t, then you can’t - it’s as simple as that.

I hope, for your sake, that it is:

Enjoy your jacket potato, you lout!

(Image: Niklas Rhose)