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Here are all the biggest crybabies whining about the new 'Doctor Who'

Just some men showing you how NOT ANGRY they are

Here are all the biggest crybabies whining about the new 'Doctor Who'
17 July 2017

It’s official. Jodie Whittaker has been announced as the new Doctor, replacing Peter Capaldi in the lead role on BBC primetime show Doctor Who.

Whittaker is the first woman to take on the role, but all of the programme’s male fans have been unexpectedly gracious, welcoming the change and showing they have at least a base level of maturity.

Just kidding, a bunch of them have started whining on the internet, because that’s how these things always go.

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You wouldn’t have a man playing a woman, so why should a woman play an alien

All doctors are male and all nurses are female, just like all dogs are boys and all cats are girls

Shit, need to come up with a comparison quickly – what’s that girly show for girls?

It’s not even about gender, we promise. Look at how much this guy doesn’t care that the new lead is female

Don’t worry, guys, this one knows he’s being sexist. It’s self-aware sexism, which is… good? Sorry, it’s very complicated

The most important thing is that Dean doesn’t care. He cares so little, in fact, that he wants you all to know how little he cares

Very clever, this, satirising the timelord by travelling back to the 1950s

This would be a terrible idea, mostly because Neeson has been phoning it in for years

You know things are bad when people would actively prefer a show to cast Kris Marshall

Hold up, we’ve got an expert in alien medical science here

Wait, Dr Who?

Excited to learn that the BBC isn’t part of the mainstream media

Ah, PC Relevance, not to be confused with Sgt Whiny Manbaby

Hadn’t realised Suggs had joined the force

We’re not sure where Default PC Grovelling fits in, though

This one’s creative at least

I’ll take false equivalencies for $500, Alex

No idea what’s going on here

Don’t worry, though, we’ve found the best take on all of this. You can all go home now

(Main image: BBC)