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Did a LEGO set just spoil a major plot detail of Batman Vs Superman?

SPOILERS (obviously)

Did a LEGO set just spoil a major plot detail of Batman Vs Superman?
07 January 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Spoilers.

In stark contrast to J J Abrams' furtive teasers for The Force Awakens, Zack Snyder has gone the opposite route for Batman v Superman, managing to give oodles of plot details away in the last trailer (we should know).

But how much do you really want to know about the forthcoming spandex fest, due out on 25 March? WELL LOOK AWAY NOW IF YOU DON'T WANT ANY SPOILERS because a new tie-in LEGO set might just have given some away.

Listed inside a comic book included with the set are character mini-figures. Two of which are of Superman: one flying about, flashing a grin while flying through the air without a care in the world; the other intent on destruction with red eyes and a thousand-yard scowl. Intriguingly, both wear different coloured boots, the former’s red, the latter’s blue.

Split personalities? According to fan theories, the answer is far more sinister, even going some way to explaining the hero's icy demeanor in that rainy roof top showdown we’ve seen so much teaser footage of.

In short (or 'long' if you want to read it here) the Man of Steel might have a clone, made by the dastardly Lex Luthor, who has a history in the comic books of duplicating characters for his own dastardly gain - meaning the figure Ben Affleck’s Armoured Batman is about to rumble with in the downpour might actually not be the real Superman at all.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a LEGO set has spoiled the set-pieces of major films – one for Captain America: Civil War recently confirmed the ‘small’ appearance of one other Avenger, while an older set for Iron Man 3 pretty much gave away the attack on Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion.

And who's to say the comic book panels - which you can see below - aren't also packed with further spoilers? Could Wonder Woman’s first moment of glory be catching a falling (and noticeably not evil looking) Superman, and could the big finale see Lex Luthor peppering Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman in his gun-toting helicopter? 

Let's just pray the special effects are slightly better.