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Desmond & Dempsey have opened probably the coolest pop-up store in London

You don't even need to buy anything - just go in

Desmond & Dempsey have opened probably the coolest pop-up store in London
07 June 2018

When you think of sleepwear, you think of ‘pyjamas’, don’t you - those things that you wore as a kid. But what about scrapping that idea, and bringing a new one into that head of yours - proper, fashionable, stylish pyjamas. That’s exactly what Desmond & Dempsey make, and you won’t head to bed wearing anything else, ever again.

Like, you could wear some of this stuff in the day and it’d look good - feast your peepers on these wonders:

Bit of breezy revere collar action, there - wear ‘em to bed, wear ‘em outside, lovely stuff.

And the brand have opened their first pop-up in celebration of their latest collection ‘Le Jardin’ (above), and it’s unlike any other store you’ll have seen. The ‘Sunday Souk’ as they’re calling it, takes inspiration from the sounds and colours of Morocco, and is more than just a clothes shop.

Desmond & Dempsey co-founder, Molly Goddard, says:

“The pop up isn’t really about the PJ’s, it’s about the mood and senses of a Sunday. While I was in Morocco, I fell in love with their craftsmanship and generosity. Breakfast was never just a meal, it was a feast served on beautiful dishes they had made themselves. 

“It made such an inspiring start to the day; we originally just wanted to give people that same experience. As usual, we got carried away and found friends and partners that could bring other senses of Morocco to life! Now we have 11 days of joyful madness; from yoga sessions with live music, to terrarium workshops and pickling glasses!

“Our hope is to share with people that feeling of inspiration and excitement!”

Take a look at this slice:

They’re even hosting brunches this weekend - it’s Sunday every day, essentially. Check out the events schedule here.