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Great, now Brexit has ruined watching Netflix on holiday

Say goodbye to streaming in the hotel room

Great, now Brexit has ruined watching Netflix on holiday
08 February 2017

If you’re on a genuinely good holiday, you’ll realistically have no time for Netflix; instead you’ll be climbing mountains, taking in the architecture, enjoying the local cuisine or doing a fishbowl through your nose onstage in Linekers Bar, Magaluf.

But sometimes, a little bit of Netflix can do a lot of good. It certainly beats the local telly. Of course, with Netflix’s new download option, you can grab as much as your phone/tablet will handle, and binge away. But it’s not all available to download, and certain other platforms, like iPlayer, aren’t available abroad at all.

At least they weren’t always available - the EU is drawing up plans to make everything open to your grateful eyes and ears, which is very nice of it/them. This will also apply to other paid subscriptions like music and online gaming services. So, obviously good news all around.

Not allowed to watch this, sorry

But don’t get too excited, because our old friend Brexit is putting a rather large non-EU spanner in the works. Seeing as the whole streaming idea is a big part of the EU’s Digital Single Market plan, and we British aren’t going to be involved in that, we’ll eventually get pushed aside to the pile marked “No holiday-based Stranger Things Season Four for future you, traitor”.

Thankfully, the scheme is set to launch around 2018, which is around a year before we’re set to leave the EU, so at least we’ll have about 12 months of the privilege. That, and there’s always the chance that we’ll sort out our own terms with the EU and it’ll all work out in the end, but you know, it’s probably not that high on the to-do list.

Basically, if you’re going on holiday with someone you hate, make sure you do it during that special year. If not, you’re going to have to actually speak to them, and nobody wants to do that.

Via: Tech Radar

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