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Netflix just did something that will change the way you use it forever

Get ready to binge watch on the go

Netflix just did something that will change the way you use it forever
30 November 2016

Ah 2016, you’ve been a right git so far, but you’ve gone some way to returning balance to mad, mad world with this absolute corker of a revelation – Netflix now officially has an “offline” mode.

Yes, you can now download content directly to your smartphone or tablet and watch Netflix without the need for a pesky WiFi connection. And though you might be excited about having a good old binge watch during your daily commute, don’t pop the champagne just yet – Netflix favourites such as Orange is The New BlackNarcos and The Crown are download-ready, but not everything can be watched offline. Not yet, anyway.

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Indeed, it’s still very much early days, but in blog announcement posted today Netflix says it’s working on making more downloadable shows and movies available for offline.

To use the feature, make sure you’ve updated your Netflix app and lookout for the little download arrow logo – if it’s next to your favourite shows then you can watch offline. The feature is included in all plans and available for phones and tablets on Android and iOS. Fair play 2016, we knew you’d come through in the end.