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Bremont's Jaguar E-Type-inspired Watch

Bremont's Jaguar E-Type-inspired Watch

Bremont's Jaguar E-Type-inspired Watch
Danielle de Wolfe
12 August 2014

Typical. Just when you wish for one finely-crafted Jaguar-themed contraption, two cruise past at once.

Because hot on the heels (or wheels) of Jaguar’s new lightweight E-type comes a watch from Bremont, specially designed to complement the new ride and it’s limited to only six pieces.

That’s right, six, enough for you and five of your friends to wear and leave none for the rest of humanity, amplifying exactly how exclusive the car release is, itself limited to just 12.

Constructed using the remaining aluminium from those E-type builds, featuring chamfered hands with their movement designed like a Jaguar steering wheel and finished with a crown which has been detailed with the pattern of old racing tires, the wristwatch is pretty much as close to the actual car as it gets.

Put it this way: if it had an engine, we’d want to drive it.