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ShortList's Big Fat Quiz of 2017

It's the big one! Good luck

ShortList's Big Fat Quiz of 2017
21 December 2017

The hellscape that is 2017 is almost over! Which means it’s only a matter of days until we can get stuck into the almost-certain-to-be-even-worse-if-we’re-being-honest-about-it 2018. Hooray!

What the end of the year also means, of course, is end of year quizzes. Specifically, our one. Don’t do any others, OK? Just this one. Cool. Thanks.

We’ve put together 30 questions split up into six rounds of five questions each. Got that? The rounds are: News, Film & TV, Music, The Internet, Sport and And Finally…

Let us know how you do in the comments or by tweeting us @ShortList, and share your score around your mates and colleagues. Let’s get some healthy competition going. Good luck!