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The funniest rip-off brand names on the internet

Now to tuck in to a delicious tube of...Prongles?

The funniest rip-off brand names on the internet
Tom Victor
22 January 2018

Are name-brand products really that much better? Do we know we’re getting a better deal with a name we’re aware of?

Maybe the money knock-off brands save on original marketing goes towards a better finished product. It’s impossible to be sure, even after our extensive research into the biggest own-brand debate of recent times, but that doesn’t mean we won’t enjoy those products that look like one thing but, on closer inspection, definitely aren’t.

We were reminded of the greatness of the genre with this photo of two tubes of Prongles. It has everything…except actual Pringles, I guess.

Salt and potato are definitely both things included in that tube, and who wouldn’t buy a product endorsed by an anthropomorphic warthog on a skateboard?

As for the slogan, they’re hardly wrong – it is great once you pop.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – or should that be top of the oceberg?

These ‘alternative brands’ often seem to be related to food, be it individual takes on chicken shop Morley’s and it’s ‘Mmm…it tastes better’ slogan.

Or Perfect Fried Chicken, itself a take on KFC.

And is that…yes, ofc it is.

Alcohol isn’t exempt, and if anything, ‘Tenderness’ whiskey feels more comforting than its Tennessee equivalent.

Not sure about this one, though.

Ah, this is more like it. Love me some…Kingfarmer Premium Fun Beer? Wait, is that a toucan on the bottle?

Whereas if you’re drinking Irish cream liqueur you probably know what you’re in for. At least it’s not mulled.

Imagine if the creator of ‘I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter’ wasn’t enthusiastic enough to use exclamation marks. You’d get this.

Sometimes it can be tough to figure out what is being mimicked. This is not one of those occasions.

Serving suggestion: take with one red pill.

You’ll probably need to wash your hands after all that Obama Fried Chicken and Wotsthis. After which you’ll need to dry them.

I bet the sound from those things would drown out even the best noise-cancelling headphones, made by…

Oh, and we’re sure you’ll be brushing your teeth afterwards, too. Generally it helps for the name of the brand not to conjure up the thing you’re trying to avoid.

Moving further away from food and drink, Halloween always brings out the best of this genre.

Wonder if they bought the costume from here.

Still, at least all of this hasn’t crossed over to real people. Oh, wait.

(Images: Twitter/Frinkiac)