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'Avengers 4' teaser confirms Paul Bettany’s Vision isn’t dead but is quite bored

The smartly-dressed android is bored out of his burgundy nut

'Avengers 4' teaser confirms Paul Bettany’s Vision isn’t dead but is quite bored
22 October 2018

Ever since the heartbreaking ending of Avengers: Infinity War saw some of the MCU’s most beloved characters dissolving into dust and blowing off into the ether, fans have been going nuts awaiting Avengers 4. The still-not-properly-titled sequel isn’t out until May 4th 2019, so there’s a good six months of frantic speculation yet to happen, but that hasn’t stopped millions of people thinking themselves into a frenzy. What can be reversed? What will be different if it is reversed? Is there any way of things reverting to exactly as they were before the finger-click that tore the universe apart? There is a lot that could happen to the best Avengers characters.

Among those waiting, according to the people behind the Marvel Universe itself, is Vision, Paul Bettany’s android.

The official Marvel Facebook account uploaded this clip, captioned, “Waiting for Avengers 4 like…”

What does this actually mean, though? The Vision died before the mass disintegration that got so many of the rest of the cast, dying when Thanos removed the Infinity Stone from his head, his last words a gasped “I love you” to Scarlet Witch.

Look, here he is, a-dying!

Awww. So, what does this clip mean? Like, presumably if Thanos’ click was to be, uh, un-clicked, returning everyone who was erased by it to existence, people/androids who died before it would still be dead.

So, the following possibilities are all that could be going on. It has to be one of these:

  • a) somehow, not only are the finger-click deaths reversed, the deaths that pre-dated it (to a degree) are as well
  • b) everyone who died by click remains dead, and the remaining Avengers just patch up the big-ass hole in Vision’s robo-skull, and he’s bored because his girlfriend remains dead
  • c) this is just a cute gag on the internet and not anything to do with the film

(The answer is of course c: that clip comes from the end of Captain America: Civil War, and as such tells us NOTHING other than Marvel know people are getting jittery waiting.)

(But then, why use the Vision, specifically? There’s loads of clips of loads of characters they could have used that wouldn’t lead to anyone suspecting anything re: resurrections. He’s like the thirteenth-biggest character. It could well be that they know something we don’t - Bettany is certainly listed on Wikipedia, although not IMDb, as being in the film, so dependng on which one end up being correct, some sort of mortality-based jiggery-pokery might well be taking place…)

Something that’s going to be very difficult, that must have caused a lot of sleepless nights at Marvel, is how to keep it secret who comes back to life.

Spider-Man dissolved, but has a film (Spider-Man: Far From Home) coming out two months after Avengers 4, and is presumably alive in it. Cast members getting paid handsomely to appear in the film include a reasonable amount of people that ended Infinity War dead as doornails. There is almost certainly a Black Panther sequel in the works despite T’Challa’s endusting. A massive marketing campaign is set to being properly towards the end of this year - how on Earth will they sustain a six-month long ad campaign pretending a bunch of the film’s stars aren’t in it? How can you have a film with Chris Pratt and Benedict Cumberbatch in it and pretend it doesn’t have Chris Pratt and Benedict Cumberbatch in it?

And what’s the goddamn film called? Ridiculous.

(Pics: Marvel Studios)