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Does this fan theory explain why Thanos didn’t just massacre The Avengers when he first got the chance?


Does this fan theory explain why Thanos didn’t just massacre The Avengers when he first got the chance?
29 August 2018

At this point in 2018 we’re going to go ahead and assume that either - you’ve already seen the latest Avengers film, or you’ve already had it relentlessly ruined for you over and over again by everyone on Twitter. 

So, assuming you’re aware of some major (definitely spoiled) plot points let’s get right in.

Thanos really, really took his time killing all those Avengers (spoiler), and murdering half the universe (spoiler) and just being a big old rude wrinkly prune-head (not a spoiler), didn’t he? But why? Why did he take his sweet, sweet time? What stopped him from just killing everyone a couple of years ago? Or before the Avengers even formed? Would’ve been much easier to do it when all he had to deal with were a few puny human army grunts. He is super powerful after all. 

Well according to one fan, THIS IS WHY OK:

He couldn’t do it because of The Ancient One, Odin and Ego - they would have stopped him!

Maybe, anyway. It’s unclear what their input would have had in the fight against Thanos - Ego probably wouldn’t care, The Ancient One might have been similarly felled like Doctor Strange, and Odin, well, he lost it ages ago, didn’t he? Loki had been impersonating him since The Dark World. Yes, they’re all very powerful, but nobody knows what would’ve happened really, do we? 

MCU producer Brad Winderbaum did hint on Odin’s power to before Ragnarok was released: 

“And what we come to learn, what Thor comes to learn early on, is that there’s a lot of terrible things in the cosmos that just shouldn’t be that way. And we learn that Odin was doing far more than it seemed on the surface to keep the universe safe.

“There were all these threats that he had quelled or was keeping at bay, using his strength and power to do so, that Loki was completely unprepared for. 

“So he becomes the King of Asgard, everything is great, it’s a good party. But he failed to realize the threats that were just over the horizon.”

But hey, maybe we don’t know what would have happened because it didn’t. This is a fan theory - something that works outside of canon - should we even be listening to them? Maybe everyone should just enjoy what we’re given. How’s about that?

It’s up to you - Avengers: Infinity War is now available on digital platforms, DVD, and Blu-ray. Also, if you’ve already seen it, it shall live on in your brains.

(Image: Marvel/Disney)