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The 10 cheapest places in the world to buy a beer in 2017

Important holiday planning information

The 10 cheapest places in the world to buy a beer in 2017
Tom Victor
22 August 2017

If you’ve still got some holiday to use up this year and don’t know where to go, it helps to work out what you want from your trip.

For many of you, top of the list will be ‘cheap beer’, whether that’s an ice cold bottle while lying on a sun lounger or a cheeky pint in the hotel bar before you’ve even unpacked.

If you’re knocking back lager after lager, saving even as little as 50p per pint can add up over the course of your trip, so it helps to be in the know when it comes to how much you’ll be spending on your booze.

Well, it just so happens that Travelex has you covered, looking at the cost of half a litre of draft lager at 32 of the most popular destinations for British tourists.

The most expensive are the UAE (where a beer will cost you the equivalent of £8.81), followed by Norway (£7.61) and Switzerland (£5.81). But you don’t care about that. You want to know where’s cheapest. Well here you go…

10. Barbados (£1.65)

9. Jamaica (£1.61)

8. Poland (£1.56)

7. South Africa (£1.55)

6. Thailand (£1.45)

5. Portugal (£1.35)

4. Mexico (£1.15)

3. Hungary (£1.09)

2. Czech Republic (£1.07)

1. Bulgaria (£0.97)

Less than a pound for a beer. You’d be stupid not to go. Maybe.

Meanwhile, if you want to know how much other holiday essentials will cost, we’ve got your back.

(Images: Rex Features)