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​Ubisoft are giving away free games to ensure you stay at home

They're offering a free Rayman Legends download

​Ubisoft are giving away free games to ensure you stay at home

Imagine one of the biggest games giants in the world offered you free games in exchange for, well, staying at home. Sounds almost too good to be true, right?

You’ll be pleased to hear that game creator Ubisoft is doing just that, encouraging people to stem the spread of Covid-19 by planting themselves firmly on their sofa.

It doesn’t take much to encourage us to crack out our favourite games console, but the promise of free games is sure to up those figures.

Ubisoft are giving away free games to keep you at home

As part of the month-long campaign, Ubisoft will be handing out discount codes, offers and free trials to gamers across the world, starting with a free copy of Rayman Legends.

Now that sounds like a form of low-level bribery we can get behind.

For those wondering, the Rayman Legends download is for PC and will be available from now until 4 April.

And the freebies don’t just extend to Rayman. Ubisoft is also offering free trials for Tom Clancy franchise games, including The Division, Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Ghost Recon Wildlands.

There are also some great offers up for grabs, including 67% off Assassin’s Creed Odyssey at £16.99 and 50% off Anno 1800 down to £24.99.

Whatever your gaming taste, we’d say it’s worth your while popping over to Ubisoft’s store to explore the host of offers available.