This Twitter account is making football club badges for bands and it's absolutely brilliant

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Tom Victor
This Twitter account is making football club badges for bands and it's absolutely brilliant

Band logos + football club logos = mashup brilliance

Do you ever get the sense that football clubs’ badges are becoming less exciting than they used to be?

Band logos, though? Those have always been cool. Well, apart from that one. You know the one we mean. Anyway, let’s move on.

We’re not the only ones to notice this disparity, though. A Twitter account, the imaginatively-named ‘Bands FC’, has spotted the potential for improving football club badges with band logos, and at the same time improving band logos with the colour schemes of football club badges. The result? A mashup of logoing excellence.

Bands FC’s modus operandi is very simple: “Bands as football clubs. Football clubs as bands.” It’s like that time fans of your football club repurposed a pop song using player names, except it’s actually good.

Here’s a selection of some of the best Bands FC redesigns, featuring football clubs from across the world and – in some cases – bands from the same city. They’ve even committed to making enamel badges of the designs, with proceeds going to the bands’ chosen charities and they’re even holding an exhibition of them at the iconic Salford Lads Club on 25th November.

Here are our faves:

Echo and the Bunnymen and Liverpool

Radiohead and Oxford United

The Verve and Wigan Athletic

Daft Punk and Paris Saint-Germain

Beastie Boys and New York Cosmos

The Proclaimers and Hibernian

Kasabian and Leicester City

Frightened Rabbit and Hearts

Death Cab for Cutie and Derby County Football Club

Foo Fighters and Fulham

OMD and Real Madrid

Ultravox and Rapid Vienna

Wu-Tang Clan and Wolverhampton Wanderers

Gorillaz and Sampdoria

Bauhaus and Bournemouth

Arcade Fire and Chicago Fire

The Charlatans and, ahem, Charlton Athletic

Get following Bands F.C. for even more design excellence in the weeks and months ahead.

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(Images: Bands F.C.)


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