Will Ferrell launches hilarious anti-phone campaign aimed specifically at you

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Gary Ogden
Will Ferrell's new anti-phone campaign is hilarious, correct

Excessive phone use really grinds my goolies - I’m guilty of it, sure, but not to the extent of some of my peers. I was casually talking to my friend the other day, who started looking at his phone, and it was a while before I realised he wasn’t listening, so I started repeating “You’re a fucking cock, you’re a fucking cock, you’re a fucking cock” on repeat, and he just didn’t register at all. He was so fully engrossed in whatever it was he was doing (Tinder) that everything else was completely blocked out. This happens regularly and it drives me up the sodding wall.

But I guess there’s nothing you can do about it - people are addicted to technology and real-life interaction no longer matters.

Thankfully though, every millennial’s favourite comedian, Will Ferrell, has realised this, and is attempting to put a stop to it. If people won’t listen to me, maybe they’ll listen to him?

Ferrell has created a number of PSAs in association with Common Sense Media that aim to stem phone use at the dinner table - which is one of the most frustrating things in existence. Back in 2011, 1% of children up to the age of eight had their own smart device, but by 2013, 42% did. Since then, the amount of time spent tapping and swiping on those infernal flatscreens has tripled to a frankly under-estimated 48 minutes per day (it’s way longer than that in my experience).

Anyway, here’s Ferrell being an obnoxious arsehole on his phone (i.e. YOU):




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