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Will Ferrell says a 'Step Brothers' sequel is on the cards

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Will Ferrell says a 'Step Brothers' sequel is on the cards
03 July 2017

Step Brothers is the best Will Ferrell film, and you are cordially invited to @ me if you think otherwise – it is the best one and that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so. It is also the kind of film that would probably lend itself quite well to a sequel – I’d certainly be happy to catch up on what Dale and Brennan are up to now. Would love to spend another hour and a half watching them sleep walk.

Which is why I’m in good spirits today because Will Ferrell has only gone and said there’s a possibility of making a Step Brothers 2. Music to my waxy ears.

He appeared on US TV show Watch What Happens Live and said:

“We talked a little bit about Step Brothers. So who knows? But, at the same time, you like to create new things.”

So yeah, it’s not official, set-in-stone, like death and taxes, but it’s promising? Ferrell's done sequels before, so it’s not like he’s against the idea, particularly when they’ll make a huge slab of cash. Saying that, he did shut down any hope for a potential sequel to Elf, which is a shame, obviously.


Before he gets to work on a Step Brothers 2, he’s, erm, got to do that Kanye West biopic, hasn’t he? Yeah, you heard – he’s making a film about Kanye West’s life. A source close to Kanye said:

“He has been thinking about this for a long, long time and he has been trading ideas with Will.

“Rather than take himself too seriously, he feels it has to be a comedy and not a preachy film.”

I’m fully behind this – bloody great idea, Kanye. You do some outrageous things, but this is on the good side of the ‘West Spectrum’, and I would 100% clap my big fat eyes on that monstrosity. 

Watch the full interview below: