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Pepsi has just invented a fizzy drink for hipsters


You know the problem with hipsters? They don’t buy fizzy drinks.

All those matcha lattes, organic wheatgrass shots and avocado smoothies really don’t leave them with a lot of thirst for the humble soda pop – and it’s killing sales of the big name drinks companies.

Enter 1893, the brand new (but suitably heritage-looking) “artisanal cola” from Pepsi. You could be forgiven for seeing it as a desperate and cynical attempt by a gigantic multinational corporation to capitalise on the growing trend for locally-sourced, small-batch products with proven provenance...

But come on, guys, this is cola with real heart – it’s made with kola nut extract, sparkling water and fair trade sugar! Some 39 grams (or 10 cubes) of sugar, sure, but it’s fair trade, which is good for your conscience, at least, if not your coronary health.

Just look at its olde time logo, its pared-back design and even its name – 1893 refers to the year Bradham's Drug Store in North Carolina launched Brad’s Drink, which would eventually become Pepsi-Cola.

If that doesn’t want to make you throw your half-eaten bag of chia seeds into your compost heap then you, sir, are not worthy of the moustache on your upper lip.



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