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KitKat reveals what really goes between their wafers


What would a world without KitKats be like? To be honest, it’s so haunting a prospect that it’s better for everyone if we try not to think about it.

Throughout our lives, the warm glow and crunch of a KitKat finger has never failed to enrich us and, however you like it – two fingers, four fingers, breaking them off individually or chomping down on all four at once like a barbarian – we can agree that they are one of mankind’s finest achievements.

But the KitKat has been hiding a secret all this time, only recently uncovered by a BBC documentary, Inside The Factory.

It features Masterchef’s Gregg Wallace following the progress of a KitKat as it works its way through the factory to become a finished product and – right at the end – comes a shocking revelation.

The bars that are rejected – the broken, or mismoulded ones – “go into re-work, where they’re used for the fillings for the wafer”.

BBC KitKat

So KitKat fillings – the bit between the two crunchy biscuit layers – are made up of other broken KitKats.

KitKat Wafers

Which on the one hand means that the skin and bones of KitKats that didn’t make the grade are ground up in some sort of KitKat cannibal ceremony which makes us sad, but on the other hand means that nothing in the process is wasted and those imperfect KitKats can still have a useful purpose in life instead of being thrown away, which makes us happy.

So, the perceptive readers among you will ask: “how did they make the first KitKat then”?

Like the chicken and the egg, we will probably never know.

So there you have it. The KitKat: delicious and mysterious.



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