Vans collab with JJJJJound on this summer’s key skate shoe

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Sam Diss

Vans Old Skools have gone from the sale rail at Sports Direct to being, in many ways, the new Stan Smith: versatile, sturdy, with tonnes of heritage, and a simple name that isn’t leaden with a bunch of superfluous codes and numbers. In short: yeah, we’re into ‘em. 

And now that the classic sneaker brand outta Cyprus, California have joined forces with Montreal-based designer Justin Sanders and his JJJJound brand (who describe themselves as creating for “a who’s who, what’s what type of livin’”) for a slightly-more-complicatedly-monikered-but-no-less-fucking-cool take on the Old Skool. 

Per Hypebeast: JJJJound “took on three themes: greenhouses and plants; art canvases and tote bags; and woodworkers and furniture” for the shoes, in tonal shades of greens, browns, and off-white. The shoes are also constructed with premium materials, namely a thicker 8-oz canvas upper and cork footbeds, giving you even more stability for hitting that wicked 50-50 grind off the rail, dude! Far out! 

Not that you’ll ever skate in them, though. Oh, no, no! That would require dedication and hard work.

The Vans x JJJJound Old Skool will be available from 5 May


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