Montblanc’s Beguiling Vasco Da Gama Watch Collection

The pen, as they say, is mightier than the sword. But better than a luxury wristwatch? Don’t be daft.
Luxury penmaker Montblanc clearly share our view, having now launched its most ambitious assault on the luxury watch market yet: the Vasco Da Gama collection, which it hopes to further cement its watchmaking status alongside giants like Rolex.
And with the four limited edition watches ranging from a modest £3,800 to a mortgage-threatening £210,000, they aren't messing around. Particularly not when it comes to the design, catching the eye remarkably with all manner of sophisticated mod-cons including moon phase (bang on trend at the moment), full calendar functions and Tourbillon Cylindrique Geosphères with cylindrical tourbillon and triple timezone indication.
Why so many time zones and the obsession with the moon? Well, taking the name from the Portuguese explorer, according to Montblanc, the Vasco Da Gama is a celebration of the explorer.
Let’s just be glad Vasco never got his hands on one – the guy would have been to busy admiring his wrist to look out for land.