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You'll never want to put these LEGO Star Wars helmets away

These Star Wars helmets are meant to be on display.

You'll never want to put these LEGO Star Wars helmets away
Holly Pyne
18 March 2020

The Skywalker saga may be over but with Disney+ launching in the UK in less than a week, it doesn’t look like the Star Wars merchandise is going to stop anytime soon.

And, there are a lot of good Star Wars products out there - just take a look at our round-up of the best Star Wars toys for starters - and you’ll nearly always find LEGO at the top.

The Danish toymakers are back with another Space-themed collaboration and this time they’ve put all their attention into making the most detailed Star Wars helmets possible.

The collection includes three buildable helmets from a Stormtrooper (of course), a TIE Fighter Pilot and fan-favourite Boba Fett.

Each collectible helmet contains over 600 pieces and comes with its own stand so that you can display your masterpiece once it’s complete.

The Stormtrooper and TIE Fighter Pilot are both made up by a combination of bricks and graphic stickers, while Boba Fett is pure LEGO.

Be warned, these helmets are designed to be for “advanced LEGO builders only”, which in LEGO-speak basically means anyone over 18.

Available to pre-order now, the helmets are £54.99 each and will be shipped out on 19 April.