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World's biggest parsnip resembles Pirates' Davy Jones

Consider our appetite lost

World's biggest parsnip resembles Pirates' Davy Jones
09 March 2012

In our humble opinion, the parsnip is the most underrated vegetable out there. Unfairly passed aside for carrots, cauliflower and other frequently underwhelming alternatives, it's become something of a roast dinner pariah.

Yet as much as we enjoy them, we'd gladly steer well clear of the world's biggest parsnip. On paper it sounds like a dream yet the just-crowned vegetable bears a worrying resemblance to Pirates of the Caribbean villain Davy Jones, played by Bill Nighy.

The Guinness World Record winner weighs an astounding 17lb 3oz and is owned by Cornish farmer David Thomas.

It's been a strong year for food that looks like people with the George Washington McNugget recently making the news as well. So stop enjoying your food so much and pay more attention.

(Images: All Star, South West News)

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