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Bidder chickens out of McNugget deal

Clock's ticking to find new buyer

Bidder chickens out of McNugget deal

Remember the chicken McNugget that sold for $8,100 (£5,000) on eBay, because it "looks like George Washington"? Yeah, the buyer has chickened out.

Current owner Rebekah Speight of Dakota City told The Sioux City Journal: 'They said they were very sorry.'

Now she is going down the list of bidders to find someone willing to part with their cash for the three-year-old poultry. The second highest bidder offered $8,000, but Speight said they lived overseas and she wasn't sure if she would be able to package the chicken to keep it frozen until it reached them.

Under eBay rules she has 60 days from the sale date to find a buyer and can offer it to each bidder down the line until a deal is made.

Speight had promised that all cash would go towards payment for a church camp.

Via: New York Post