World Cup Moments On Pizza


Capricciosa, Ortolana, Marinara, Diavola – if you know your Italian cuisine from your Italian World Cup-winning back fours, you should know that we’re discussing types of pizza here, not footballers.

And yet these two fields are now combining like never before, as thanks to some bold creations from the minds of food artists Pam Staite and Serena Reeve, Pizza Express are paying tribute to some classic world cup moments.

Some of those World Cup moments immortalised in tomato sauce and assorted meats include Zinedine Zidane’s infamous headbutt in the 2006 final, Paul Gascoigne’s teary-eyed Italian ’90 semi-final, and Diego Maradona’s ball punching exploits in '86.

We look forward to a Premier League range sometime soon. Not that international footballers needed the dough…


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