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This football fan pulled off the most ridiculous plan ever to watch his team

This is genius

This football fan pulled off the most ridiculous plan ever to watch his team
Tom Victor
30 April 2018

There aren’t many things more frustrating as a football fan than being prevented from watching your own team in their home stadium. Trying to insert a USB stick, failing, turning it round, failing, then it going in the original way you tried to start with? That’s nothing compared to missing your beloved boys in the flesh.

Now, of course, you can catch a lot of games on TV, but it’s really not the same as being there in the stadium, singing along with the assembled hordes.

Which is why one Turkish football fan, after being banned by his club, went to extreme lengths to see them in action.

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It’s not clear what brought about this Denizlispor supporter’s suspension, but, for the unspecified trangression, he had been handed a one-year ban from the club’s Atatürk Stadium.

However, a mere ban wasn’t going to be enough to stop him being there to support his team in their fight against relegation from the Turkish second tier.

With a home match against bottom side Gaziantepspor on the horizon – a great chance to witness a victory – he hired a crane to get the best view in the house.

Yes, an actual crane. All to himself. We’ve seen fans hire planes for protests, but this is very different.

And you can see from the footage he was having a whale of a time. Not sure jumping up and down in the confined space was the safest approach, mind.

According to iNews, the crane was eventually lowered by police, so he didn’t get to catch the entire 90 minutes.

Still, Denizlispor ended up winning 5-0, so he’s probably happy with his decision.

No word yet on whether he’ll try the same move in the last game of the season, away at Boluspor this coming weekend. A different police force will be responsible, so maybe he fancies his chances - it would certainly be the height of cheekiness.

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