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Dive head first into ‘Westworld 2’ with this new secret footage

This is looking exciting

Dive head first into ‘Westworld 2’ with this new secret footage
23 March 2018

We’re exactly one month away from the return of Westworld and HBO have just released a whole bunch of cool new stuff to keep us fans titillated.

First, the cast of the show sent out three tweets with the words ‘CHAOS TAKES CONTROL’, and a link to a Westworld bot called Aeden.


As we wrote about before, Aeden is a saucy chatbot that guides you through your stay at the park. But when you type ‘CHAOS TAKES CONTROL’ into Aeden, you’re presented with the words ‘Welcome to the New Frontier’ and the link to an interesting new poster:

Is that The Man in Black’s bloody hat? Does this mean he doesn’t survive next season? At the very least, we can be pretty sure there will be much more violence next season as the robot insurrection picks up steam. 

And some very clever Redditors worked out that there’s a hidden piece of code in the poster which, when deciphered, leads you through to a new page of the website with an interesting Westworld clip. Head here to watch the footage.

And here a few grabs from the footage: 

/Film point out that the narrator in the video sounds a lot like the voice of a young Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins). Is that a hint of things to come next season? Hopefully!

And as if that wasn’t enough, HBO have also put out an interesting little video all about the work that goes into designing the sets on Westworld. Set decorator Julie Ochipinti reveals how she was inspired by airplane graveyards and how her team constructed every intricate piece of robotics all by themselves. 

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(Images: HBO / Westworld)