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We're getting a Squid Game game

It's not Squid Game season 2, but we'll take it Netflix...

We're getting a Squid Game game
Andrew Williams
18 December 2023

Netflix is making a video game of its most popular TV show ever, Squid Game.

A Squid Game adaptation has been announced by Netflix’s gaming division, as part of its 2024 line-up of games.

Thinking about it, we’re mostly surprised this hasn’t happened already. Netflix has produced multiple Stranger Things games, and Squid Game was released back in 2021.

It racked up 2.2 billion hours viewed in its first three months, to become comfortably the most-viewed season of a show on the service, ahead of the second-place Wednesday season 1 with 1.7 billion hours.

Before you start picturing a Hogwarts Legacy style epic for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, that’s not how Netflix games roll.

Barring a major change in strategy Squid Game will be a mobile title, part of the streamer’s often ignored games library.

It’s not hard to picture how the show might become a game, given the show itself is effectively packed with mini-games. But who knows, perhaps Netflix will subvert expectations and take a route other than a mini-game collection.

This is the second piece of big news for Netflix games this month, after Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was released on December 14.

We’ve actually made a shortlist of the best Netflix games you can play through your subscription. Give it a read for some tips.

“By year’s end, we’ll have 86 games available —all included with every Netflix membership without ads, in-app purchases or extra fees. And with nearly 90 more games in development, we’re just getting started,” says Netlix games Vice President Mike Verdu.

Other titles in development include Sonic Mania Plus, Game Dev Tycoon, Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit and FashionVerse, all due in 2024.

However, we’re most excited about some games Netflix announced earlier this year.

Hades, Braid Anniversary Edition and The Rise of the Golden Idol are all coming to Netflix Games, listed as “coming soon."