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The merch for Justin Bieber's new tour is here and it's actually pretty slick

We Belieb.

The merch for Justin Bieber's new tour is here and it's actually pretty slick
13 May 2016

Apology accepted, Justin. Apology well and truly accepted.

Justin Bieber has launched the first line of merch from his worldwide Purpose tour, and it's amaaazing. Pulling inspiration from the worlds of heavy metal and hardcore music, as well as skateboarding, Biebs recruited Jerry Lorenzo, of so-hot-right-now brand Fear of God, to design the collection. Lorenzo recently told website VFILES in an interview that the designs are a "perfect marriage of Kurt Cobain and Allen Iverson". 

Scroll down to see what's on offer and know that everything is available from here, so go get some before we buy ten of everything everything sells out in seconds.

Purpose Tour Socks, $18

Everyone likes new socks. Everyone loves new Bieber socks. 

World Tour Hoodie, $120

Bieber meets legendary skateboard magazine Thrasher in what we can assume will forever be called the Brasher hoodie. Then again, probably not because that's a rubbish name. Moving on. 

World Tour Raglan, $45

More Brasher. We'll give up on that one, shall we. 

Staff Bomber Jacket, $300

For just $300, you can crush the dreams of 11-year-old girls by telling them "Justin's not in the mood for a selfie today" with this staff bomber. 

Staff Hoodie, £120

Team this with a fluro vest, and you're one step closer to living our your dream of sneaking onto Bieber's tour bus and raiding his fridge of Yop milkshakes and Babybels.  

Bieber Patch Trucker Hat, $40

Channel your inner horn-blowin', Gatorade-neckin', Bible-respectin', bar-brawlin' American trucker with a deliciously trashy mesh-backed cap.  

Staff Muscle Tank, $40

Still with the 'staff' thing? Have we missed something?

Photo T-Shirt, $40

There he is. Our boy. Our Biebs. Our hero. 

Sorry Longsleeve T-Shirt, $50

'Sorry' is exactly what you'll be whispering at the photo emblazoned on your chest as you spill pea and ham soup down your front/Justin's nose. 

Purpose Tour Crewneck, $110

This is the best one. This is the one we're getting. Very metal. Very metal indeed. 

Sorry Muscle Tank, $40

No Justin, we're sorry. We're sorry for laughing at your teenage tantrums. We're sorry for giggling at your silly short-lived dreadlocks. We're sorry for never forgetting your dodgy fringe and even dodgier purple caps. We cool? We cool. 

Mark My Words Muscle Tank, $40

No, wait, this is the one we're getting. Even more very metal. We'll be the ones starting a skull-crushing circle pit when he plays Baby in London later this year. 

Bieber Sweatpants, $100

Alright, having 'Bieber' written across your groin is kinda weird. We'll pass on these ones...