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Welcome to the new ShortList

Welcome to the new ShortList

Welcome to the new and improved ShortList. The walls are freshly painted and we have some brand new toys to show you. Here’s the pitch ...

Our shortlist articles are the new way to order your world and help you find the best of everything.

From films, music and tv shows, to tech, style, food & drink. We have the lowdown on it all. Want to know the best beer subscription service? Or the best films in the MCU? You need a shortlist.

Use shortlists to sharpen up your knowledge for the pub quiz, or get involved. Love Nick Fury? Can’t stand Maker’s Mark whiskey? Our shortlists also let you have your say by upvoting and downvoting entries.

Want something deeper? When a shortlist needs that bit more investigation, our experts do the hard work for you, with comprehensive buying guides. Our testers put your next coffee machine, action camera, or budget laptop through its paces to see how it stacks up against the competition.

Whether you’re looking to buy a new pair of running shoes, or want to find the right mascara to suit you, our reviews will help. They’re in-depth, totally impartial and entirely ad-free. And, unlike many sites, we test products in the real world and promise to stay away from complex jargon and useless specifications.

Of course, we’ll still cover the latest news across entertainment, tech, style and food on a daily basis. We deliver the most interesting stories each day, and leave out the boring stuff.

Welcome to the new ShortList.