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Warrior Nun creator asks fans to keep fighting for canceled Netflix show

Can fan fever pitch encourage Netflix or another streamer to resurrect this cancelled show?

Warrior Nun creator asks fans to keep fighting for canceled Netflix show
Andrew Williams
29 March 2023

Warrior Nun TV show creator Simon Barry has urged fans to keep on fighting for the show to be re-commissioned after it was cancelled by Netflix in December 2022.

“Here’s what I know. When #WarriorNun is saved and/or ‘risen’, it’s going to be because of you, the FANDOM family. That much is perfectly clear and that’s why you, Must. Not. Stop. #SaveWarriorNun," Barry wrote on Twitter.

Simon Barry directed and wrote episodes of the show, as well as acting as executive producer and kicking off the show's creation. That said, Warrior Nun is based on a 90s comic book series, Warrior Nun Areala.

The show was cancelled after its viewing figures were interpreted as being on a downward slide. “More people watched season one than season two, therefore it didn’t meet the bar that is their internal standard for what is worth renewing,” Barry told NME back in January.

It’s a tricky one, because so many of us were effectively locked indoors when Warrior Nun season one came out — inflating the viewing figures for some shows.

“I thought we’d be ok though because it’s not a very expensive show to make and we have such a dedicated fanbase,” Barry said.

Since the show’s cancellation, fans have started a petition to Hulu to pick up the series, which has attracted more than 119,000 votes so far.

Fans also contributed to buy ad space on a billboard nearby Netflix’s Los Angeles office, displaying the #SaveWarriorNun hashtag.

Some fans accused Netflix of being homophobic for cancelling the show, which features a central lesbian relationship. However, it seems more likely it was down to a simple numbers calculation.

Netflix announced its first loss of subscribers in April 2022, having lost 200,000 subs in the first quarter of this year. It lost almost a million in the second quarter.

This then led to the introduction of Netflix with Ads, a cheaper subscription option, which reversed fortunes somewhat with 7.6 million new subs attracted in Q4 2022. This new era is also behind the decision to introduce mechanisms designed to counter account/password sharing, which are rapidly spreading across the world.

In these more mercenary times, it might make more sense for Warrior Nun fans to re-watch the series and to encourage as many people as they can to do the same.