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W T Author's Superb WW1 Watch Collection

W T Author's Superb WW1 Watch Collection

W T Author's Superb WW1 Watch Collection
24 February 2015

Yep, it's another crowd funded watch collection. 

Rest assured, W T Author isn't promising a world of unique timepieces that will fail to clock in - successfully backed in 2013, they've already made good on their first set of watches, with their latest collection now ready to ship. Honest.

W T Author has sworn itself to creating a series of thirteen limited edition designs released over thirteen years, marking the history of the wristwatch decade by decade. The first release, No. 1905, drew inspiration from the 20th century timepieces of Louis Cartier and Edmond Jaegar - echoing the simple faces of traditional pocket watches - and they were excellent.

The latest series, No. 1914, winds forward to the designs of World War One: "an era where intensified warfare made digging about in one's pocket for a watch far too time-consuming, and so the trench wristwatch was introduced", explains the site. Each watch in the new collection features a 46mm case, a brazed lug standing proud of the casement. Nods toward the era include a fat leather strap, while the dial incorporates bold number markings familiar to watches of trench troops. 

With only 125 available, you’re going to have to act quickly if you want to get your hands on one. Starting from £300, you can see the full range here