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VOID's gorgeous mechanical watch

VOID's gorgeous mechanical watch

VOID's gorgeous mechanical watch
28 January 2014

If we're honest, we don't understand batteries. How can you store electricity in a tiny piece of metal? We're pretty sure Duracell are lying to us and they're really wizards.

Mechanical watches are much more agreeable. We move, our watch moves, a clever pixie or ghost captures our movement, turns that into magic and we get to tell the time. Simple.

Swedish watch brand VOID has just released their first mechanical watch, the rather stunning V03M. Powered by a movement from Japanese manufacturer Miyota, so long as you shift your wrist every once in a while the watch will keep on ticking.

The 36 millimetre stainless steel case is filled with neat design features, from the luminous oversized hour marks and hands, to a window on the case's back to allow you to see the movement (turns out there's no pixie). Head to VOID's site to pick up the V03M or their other battery-powered watches.

(Images: VOID)

(Via: Design milk)