This video of a young girl showing off her new prosthetic limb to her friends will warm your cold heart

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Gary Ogden

Anu, a seven-year-old girl from Birmingham, had her right leg amputated soon after she was born. However, thanks to a £1.5 million funding injection given to the NHS last year, she’s been given a snazzy new pink prosthetic limb, and she’s keen to show it off.

BBC Midlands Today were there when she bounded into the playground to flaunt it to her mates, and the footage is... well, the footage will... look, there’s nothing wrong with crying at your desk, we all do it. Let those tears out:

Never has my heart felt so warm. What a lovely display of childlike innocence and acceptance from her mates, there. Well done, everybody – this is what life is about. 

The fresh influx of money to the NHS that has made this possible aims to ensure that kids have proper access to prosthetics that enable them to get involved in sports like running and swimming. Sometimes the world is great, isn’t it?

Anyway, I’m about to go and use some of my own money to buy something useful – I’ve run out of tissues and my eyes are still in an absolute state.


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