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Vans’ Stunning OTW 2014 Felt Pack

Vans’ Stunning OTW 2014 Felt Pack

Vans’ Stunning OTW 2014 Felt Pack
Danielle de Wolfe
08 October 2014

Slackers. Skaters. Students. If you don’t fit into at least one of these categories, you may never have experienced the joy of slipping on a pair of Vans. 

Though one look at these beauties and we're sure you'll give the matter some serious thought. After all, these, just the latest left-field footwear design from the firm (remember these Cork oddities?), are a wonder to behold.

The pictures above are of the shoe’s ‘Felt Pack’ for its Vans OTW 2014 range, including both limited-edition issues of the already fairly mainstream Prelow and Tesella.

Built to help you cruise around autumn landscapes and sure to protect you from winter, the Prelow comes with a bulky Ultracrush HD outsole, while the quirkier and ruffled looking Tesella comes with hand-woven leather along with felt detailing on the tongue and lining.

The shoes will be available at select Vans retailers and emporiums later in the month. And the best news: you won’t need a skateboard and to buy a pair.