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Vans Reveal Cork Trainers

Vans Reveal Cork Trainers

Vans Reveal Cork Trainers
13 July 2014

Time was, “put a cork in it” was another way of telling someone to shut the hell up – but nowadays it sounds more and more like the mission statement of major footwear companies.

The latest being Vans, who have decided to use that same ductile material found plugging a gap in wine bottles for the Prelow Cork, the latest in its Off The Wall series and following hot on the brown heels of Nike’s similarly corked NIKEiD Air Force.

Oddly, cork looks quite at home on this pair, with some ultracrush HD rubber outsole and other practical curves lending them a real rugged feel, or at least more than any high-tops could achieve anyhow.

You’ll soon be able to order them online from all good online retailers. But of course that's not nearly half as fun as going in-store and smugly asking the seller to fetch you another pair as "this one is corked", is it?

OK, so maybe that's just us.