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Tim Burton's Batmobile - the best LEGO set we've seen is out now

3,000 pieces of pure LEGO brilliance.

Tim Burton's Batmobile - the best LEGO set we've seen is out now
Marc Chacksfield
29 November 2019

Okay, this is incredible. LEGO has just released a new set in time of Christmas, and it's one that will be right at the top of every Batman fans' and 80s-movie fans' Xmas list.

The Batmobile from Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie has been given a LEGO makeover and now comes in a set that comprises 3,300 LEGO pieces. Given it's been some 30 years since the movie came out, this is a fantastic anniversary gift.

The LEGO set comes equipped with a little Batman, Vicky Vale and Joker figuring (played by Michael Keaton, Kim Basinger and Jack Nicholson in the movie) and the set measures: 4 x 3 x 8 inches.

It's available today (which is handily also Black Friday) and a lucky few who order it will also get a limited-edition mini version of the model, too.

Tim Burton's Batmobile may well be the best LEGO set we've seen

"Die-hard fans will love authentic features such as the slide-open cockpit with a new-for-November-2019 wraparound windshield element, 2 hidden machine guns with a pop-up function activated by turning the turbine exhaust, and decorative grappling hooks on each side of the vehicle," notes LEGO.

The Batmobile also comes with a rotating display stand (with an attached information plate with 1989 Batmobile statistics) so you can view it from every angle.

You can find more details on the US LEGO store now, where the model will cost $250. It's also available on the UK store for £219.99.