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This is genuinely the greatest own goal you will ever see

Like real-life airflow football

This is genuinely the greatest own goal you will ever see

The own goal is one of the purest forms of entertainment there is. The literal opposite of what you are trying to achieve in the game, and always entirely unintentional.

We've seen some classics over the years, but this is a strong contender for the greatest ever.

Scored during a match on Tuesday night in the Isthmian League between Thurrock and Romford, the 'strike' came courtesy of a Thurrock centre back who attempted a perfectly reasonable clearance - before a serious gust of wind got involved in a way we've not seen since attempting to score with an airflow football during lunchtime footy at school.

It's possibly the greatest we've ever seen for the simple fact that the guy was facing - and kicked the ball in - the polar opposite direction of where his own goal was. Breathtaking.

We're not sure of the name of the unfortunate fellow - perhaps it was Dean Windass? Maybe Dwight Gayle?

Perhaps they'll just credit the assist to Storm Barney.