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This hero gave a homeless man his favourite trainers when he saw him shoeless in the street

We need more people like this

This hero gave a homeless man his favourite trainers when he saw him shoeless in the street

Amid all the terrible news coming out of all corners of the globe, we’re more than happy to cling to any good news we can find.

No, seriously, anything that can even chip away the tiniest bit at the impending end of the world and the First Lady and Mark Zuckerberg both being robots is fine by us.

That’s why we’ve delighted in Neville Southall’s glorious Twitter account, and why we’re so engrossed with the story of Craig Wells.

Wells was eating with his family at Wagamama in Nottingham when he performed one of the kindest spontaneous deeds we’ve seen in a while.

Craig and the homeless man

While chowing down on some noodles, he spotted a homeless man walking along outside with no shoes on.

Leaving his family to carry on with their meal, he wandered outside and asked the man, named Mark, what his shoe size was.

“He was exactly the same size as me (coincidence.. I think not) . So I took my shoes (my favourite trainers) off and gave them to him,” Wells wrote on Facebook.

“He then started to cry and gave me the biggest hug saying how nobody has ever been so kind.”

“He needed shoes much more than me. It was that simple,” Wells is quoted as saying by the Mirror.

The 36-year-old made sure his new homeless friend had shelter for the night, before walking round Nottingham in his socks until he could buy a replacement pair, and he has urged others to perform a good deed whenever they can.

“So can you help me spread the message of Love by sharing this post?” he asked.

“If someone is encouraged to step out and help someone in need by this message then Love wins!”

(Images: SWNS)