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People are convinced Melania Trump has been replaced with a body double

This is a wild conspiracy theory, but wait until you see it

People are convinced Melania Trump has been replaced with a body double
Tom Victor
19 October 2017

It’s not that long ago that the internet was awash with rumours that Avril Lavigne had died and been replaced with a lookalike.

Yes, there was even a full conspiracy theory thread about it. And a proper conspiracy theory at that, not like this nonsense.

But have we ever stopped to think that the real conspiracy was elsewhere… somewhere even more prominent… somewhere right before our eyes?

Perhaps it was staring us in the face this whole time, and perhaps the Avril Lavigne conspiracy thread was a decoy to distract us from the real lookalike conspiracy: the one around Melania Trump.

That’s right, people seem convinced the First Lady – if not at the ‘dead and replaced by a lookalike’ stage of this budget Weekend at Bernie’s scenario – was at least replaced with a double for a recent engagement.

Well, if not a double, then a robot. Well, if not a robot, then three children stacked on top of each other in a trenchcoat.

Note that Donald Trump refers to “My wife Melania, who happens to be right here” – there are two possible explanations for that phrasing.

Either a) Trump insisted his wife join him at a press conference just for that line or b) someone’s found out that he replaced her with a robot lookalike, and is saying THE EXACT THING SOMEONE WHO HAS REPLACED HIS WIFE WITH A ROBOT LOOKALIKE WOULD SAY.

The evidence is stacking up.

And look at the close-up: she doesn’t open her mouth – it’s pretty clear a bunch of wires would fall out if she did – and those oversized sunglasses do a perfect job of hiding her exposed circuitry.

It’s the exact disguise a cartoon character would go for when trying to pass themselves off as someone else, just one up from putting a basketball with a face drawn on it on top of their pillow to sneak out of the house while ill.

I mean, she’s even borrowed her coat from BoJack Horseman character Vincent Adultman, who may or may not be one or more kids in disguise. This is cut and dried.

Vincent Adultman, definitely an adult man (Netflix)

You probably want a side-by-side comparison, too. Well, you’re in luck.

Joe Vargas, who exposed the likely – nay, certain – fraud to begin with, has you covered there too.

Of course, there is another option we haven’t covered.

Is it possible Melania, sick of her husband, disappeared and sent someone in her place, working on the assumption the President of the United States can’t actually recognise his own wife?

We’re not ruling anything out.

(Images: Rex Features/Netflix)