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This Redditor just learnt a very valuable lesson about cheating on your girlfriend

She's colder than a White Walker

This Redditor just learnt a very valuable lesson about cheating on your girlfriend

Hell hath no fury like a Westeros woman scorned.

When Reddit user Khaleesisscorned’s long-distance girlfriend 'Dany' found out that he had cheated on her during a night out, she dutifully dumped him, blocking him on all social media. So far, so standard.

Except Dany wasn’t done there. Knowing how much her disloyal overseas ex enjoyed catching up on Game of Thrones episodes – she’d introduced the show to him, and he had to wait longer to watch it in his country  – she hatched a cunning plan that will send shivers down spoiler-dodging TV aficionados everywhere.

There have been 63 superhero movies made over the past decade, but not a single studio has been able to write a super villain so terrifyingly shuddersome as Dany.

But - wait for it, have a sip of tea, check your emails - there's more. The Redditor started to ignore her spoilers, so Dany began to create fake Facebook accounts with “hot girls” in the profile pictures, knowing that he would open their messages.

“I tried to ask her to stop but she blocks me immediately after she sends the message. I blocked her on Whatsapp, but she did it via Facebook. Then the next week it was text. She even borrowed one of our mutual friends phones to do it, and I fell for that,” he said.

Needless to say, the world backed Dany - partly because she's an evil genius and it's good to be on her good side, but mostly because it's the greatest story of belly-warming revenge since Claudio Ranieri waved dilly ding, dilly so long to Jose Mourinho. The thread has since been deleted, but Game of Thrones will struggle to produce a storyline with this many heart-pounding twists.

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