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There's a genuinely good reason for buying Certina's latest diving watch

Looks smart, saves lives

There's a genuinely good reason for buying Certina's latest diving watch
16 May 2018

Never, ever, go anywhere without a wristwatch. It’s essential, and even if you can’t tell the time (who can nowadays), it looks mighty smart.

“But what if I want to dive off a cliff into the sea, like a majestic pelican?” you screech - well, you get a waterproof one, like Certina’s new top-notch diving model, the DS Action Diver Powermatic 80 STC Special Edition.

The watch comes in three colourways, and is water-resistant to 300m, which is hopefully way deeper than you should ever be venturing. Take a look at what you will agree is a rather handsome model:

That’ll certainly look mighty fetching on that there wrist of yours, but there’s an added bonus that comes with buying one of these - it’ll save lives. The lives of turtles, specifically, for Certina have become a partner of the Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC), and this is an exclusive model to celebrate the partnership. As such, a slice of the proceeds will go to the STC, to help conserve those beshelled underwater beauts.

So what you get is a nice looking arm, a chance to learn how to tell the time, and the unmatched feeling of virtue that comes with the knowledge that you are a life-saver.

Each watch is priced at £655 and can be bought here, from June.

(Images: Certina)