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Xbox are releasing a new 'Netflix for games' service called Game Pass

Unlimited gaming for a tiny price

Xbox are releasing a new 'Netflix for games' service called Game Pass
28 February 2017

The great thing about movie and TV streaming is that you pay with invisible money – you set it up once, and then it takes out your tenner a month and you never have to think about it ever again. Whether you’ve got Netflix, Amazon Prime or Skweezme, it’s easy – all that constantly updated content for money that isn’t even real.

However, should you want to buy a computer game, you’ve actually got to get your card out each time and pay a (usually) hefty price to own and play the game. Annoying, to say the least; a travesty to be truthful. Thankfully, that might be a thing of the past relatively soon, providing you play your games on an Xbox One or a Windows PC.

Essentially, with Xbox Game Pass, you’ll pay a monthly fee (with that all-important make-believe money) of around £8, and that will grant you access to over 100 games, all available to download and play during your subscription. Unfortunately, much like Netflix, titles will not stay on the service, so, if like us, you still haven’t completed Grand Theft Auto III, you’ll have to make use of the handy purchase feature. 

If you subscribe and want to download a game to keep forever, then you’ll be given a 20% discount, which is a rather lovely deal. And of course, as one title disappears, another one will replace it – its library will constantly rotate, so if you’re a swift gamer, you’ll have a wealth of top games to bang out.

A special alpha preview is rolling out today for some people, but the proles will have to wait until Spring, just as the sun is coming out! Shut those curtains! Never shower! GAME FOREVER.